Bentley collaborates with Pankhurst, Londons top Men’s grooming Salon

Bentley announced its new collaboration with luxury men’s lifestyle brand Pankhurst at the opening of Pankhurst  New men’s grooming store in London.


Bentley crafts man and woman have renovated six barbers chairs by incorporating materials and finishes from Bentley cars, Pankhurst barbers chairs now feature Bentley hides and bespoke embroidery.


Stefan Buescher, Director of Marketing¸ Bentley Motors, commented: “Bentley is widely recognised as one of the world’s most desirable and authentic luxury brands. A key part of what makes Bentley special is our hand-crafted expertise in wood and leather that makes our car interiors a special place to be.

“Working with Pankhurst has given us the opportunity to show this craft in an innovative and exciting way to create a unique experience in London’s finest barber shop. Only Bentley could make such exquisite and beautiful chairs.”


The arms of the the chairs were re-fabricated and the suspension system reworked to improve the comfort level.

Quality, contemporary style and Modern luxury is a commitment shared by both Bentley and Pankhurst which combined makes a partnership of excellence.

Via : Bentley 



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