Limeline Introduce Gandia Blasco Collection

18 March 2011
LIMELINE is excited to announce another exclusive new agency to its stable of luxury furniture brands – GANDIA BLASCO.


The Spanish born company has been a successful family owned and operated production and manufacturing company for the past 70 years, focusing on exclusive textiles and outdoor furniture. Their innovative designs are known to combine comfort, functionality and an extremely high aesthetic component. With its brand new collections, GANDIA BLASCO continues to stay on top of the market with their outdoor furniture and classic collections like ‘Na Xemena’, which is the star product line of the company. 

ImageLimeline stocks two of the company’s product lines: outdoor furniture, which is distributed with the brand GANDIA BLASCO, and textiles (carpets and duvet covers) with the newly created brand GAN.  In spite of the diversity of styles and shapes, all of these products share the same basic concept: fresh products, made with the highest quality materials. The collections are elegant, functional and features different and exclusive designs that make them unique. Ideas and shapes that are not a mere response to home situations, but combine warm, contemporary, striking designs that define a lifestyle.

Outdoor furniture, the cornerstone of the company, is currently made up by more than 15 collections comprising nearly 300 different products. The catalogue of the company covers each and every need of outdoor spaces and it is being constantly expanded, trying to solve new approaches or any detected gap.

GANDIA BLASCO furniture has been designed for outdoor use in the largest sense. It does not need any care, it doesn’t get damaged and it resists the hardest weather conditions in all of the countries in which it is present in.  Years of investigation and innovation in materials have resulted in optimal finishes. The best metals, plastics and woods make up the structure and base of any GANDIA BLASCO product.

In late 2008, the firm GAN was born to cover all the textile section. In the countries where the company has already become established, it is culturally difficult to connect the same brand with outdoor furniture and textiles, so GAN was the result of the need to make a difference between the two vectors of the company.

ImageIn only a few months, GAN has been able to shine with its own light, playing with the quick connection to the traditional GANDIA BLASCO brand. GAN keeps the quality standards of its origins, not for nothing is the textile market the one that consolidated the company and witnessed its international rise.

Since GANDIA BLASCO considered design as the added value of its products, the quality standards have been recognised with quite a few prizes and awards, the most important being:

•    Impiva Design Prize 1990
•    Selection for the Prince Felipe Awards to Business Excellency 2005.
•    Best Stand 2003. FIM Valencia
•    Best Stand 2006. Habitat Valencia Forward.
•    Delta Adi Fad Selection for the Ensombra parasol designed by Odosdesign.
•    Wallpaper Award for the Best Outdoor Product 2008: Flat deckchair, designed by Mario Ruiz.
•    Grand Designs Magazine Award for the Ensombra parasol designed by Odosda.

Limeline is the sole distributor for GANDIA BLASCO in Southern Africa. To view the collection at Limeline’s exciting concept showroom, please visit them at 15 on Orange, Orange Street, Cape Town, contact them on 021-424 8682, or visit their website on


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