BELVEDERE VODKA INTENSE: The Finest Quality Vodka Rated 100 Proof

Belvedere Intense is the first super premium luxury vodka brand to offer 100 proof vodka and contains 10% more alcohol than Belvedere Pure. Comprising of 50% alcohol, its positive characteristics are amplified creating a bold and elegant experience for any occasion. Striking an artful balance between purity and flavour, Belvedere Intense is smooth and full of character.


The term ‘proof’ came from the practice of lighting spirits to ensure that they contained a sufficient amount of alcohol. It takes a minimum of 80 proof or 40% alcohol to support combustion. If the spirit caught fire, it was ‘proof’ of the alcohol content. The proof is double the alcohol content hence 100 proof equals 50% alcohol.In order to increase the alcohol content, Belvedere Intense is double filtered through pure charcoal. By doing so, there is a highlighted balance between elegance and taste. While it warms the palate, the intensity kicks in with an undertone of spice leaving consumers feeling the effect more so than with Belvedere Pure. The extra kick is sure to keep everyone in high spirits.Due to the intensity of the vodka, it is an ideal choice for creating delicious cocktails. The natural flavours of Belvedere Intense are a perfect compliment to the caramel, spicy, and bitter chocolate aromas given off by this vodka.Not only is the Belvedere Intense Vodka more complex in regards to taste and effects in comparison to Belvedere Vodka Pure, but the packaging also proves to be a stark contrast.


Walk into any store selling Belvedere Vodka and the Belvedere Intense bottle is unmistakable. With a glossy black bottle and silver foil trees with the iconic Belvedere palace in pale grey, the packaging is sure to catch the eye of any vodka consumer. Just as the original bottle is instantly recognizable, the Belvedere Intense Vodka bottle is sure to become a staple on any vodka lover’s shelf. Belvedere Intense upholds the traditions of Belvedere Vodka while opening up an entirely new rage of cocktails to be enjoyed and good times to be had. Tasting Notes:
Nose – Complex and intense concentrated aromas of crème caramel, dark savoury spice and rich bitter chocolate.
Palate – Full bodied and voluptuous with a velvety texture with ample cream and butterscotch characteristics resulting in smooth complexity.
Finish – Double filtered through charcoal, the result is complex savoury spice, black pepper and capsicum warmth, finishing with a clean flourish.

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