Acrylic horn speakers by Ferguson Hill

While the world harkens for more transparency in their everyday life, which is more convoluted than ever, Ferguson Hill displays that hidden desire of people, through his latest creation, the transparent Home Theater system- FH009. When we used the acrylic and see-through FH001 speakers a few years ago, all fans of his were waiting for another product with this innovation. This transparent home theater with an opaque acoustic sound box seems to be the perfect answer which fans tech-geeks seem to have been waiting for.


Appearing as a marriage between aesthetics and high-end audio, the FH009 is actually the sum total of a pair of see-through floor standing horn speakers, and 2 bass speakers with integrated amplifier controls. The later in this case, is placed with the central console unit (black or white color options), which will actually be connected to the see-through floor-standers, and the television set of your choosing. If the set up doesn’t allow, these floor standers can actually be bought as wall mounting options, especially in the case of private residences, or cinema theaters. Since sound quality is something imperative with the Ferguson Hill brand, audiophiles, cine geeks, or simply the rich guy next door will have an optimum quality experience from the FH009 Home-theater.


As technical standpoint, the gadgetry would involve 2 sets of line-ins, 3.5mm stereo input, and USB port for integration of portable sound storage devices. For sound amplification, there are the 2x 32W speakers in the central console, and the 2x 32W for the see-through acrylic floor-standers. The pricing for this set stands at $1,239 each. It is also advisable to pre-order your system, as the production would be limited.

Via: Ferguson Hill/Cnet

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