iPad Technology Powers New Bombardier Aviation System

Since its launch, the Apple iPad has become an incredible tool, not only for those browsing the web or listening to music, but for doctors, engineers, and designers in technical headquarters worldwide. Now the iPad, which is considered one of the world’s best ultimate electronics, is reaching its grasp even further as Bombardier, the world’s only manufacturer of both planes and trains, announces its plan to unveil an iPad supported Bombardier Flight Deck application.


The company hopes the new iPad app will significantly lighten the paperload required of pilots. The Flight Deck app will provide an electronic flight manual capable of receiving automatic updates directly from Bombardier. The goal of the implementation is to create a wholly paperless operation for the company’s pilots. The system will utilize encryption technology and will allow flight departments to manage and redistribute information to any enabled Bombardier Flight Deck app. Vice President of Customer Services and Support, Andy Nureddin said, “This is a major step-up for our business aircraft pilots and operators.”


“Not only will the Bombardier Flight Deck iPad app make it easier and more efficient to keep critical documentation up-to-date,” Nureddin continued, “it will significantly improve operational safety and regulatory compliance.” In addition, the application will be offered through a subscription license that the Bombardier publication team has made available. Bombardier’s Challenger and Global aircraft will be the first to have access to the innovation beginning June 2012.
The Canadian-based company is excited to challenge its technological capabilities using the iPad’s exceptional capabilities. Nureddin final comment was, “We are continually pushing the envelope on technology innovation to provide our operators with cutting-edge aftermarket solutions.”

For more information visit Bombardier

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