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Cartier Diamonds

Cartier launched their new collection and film, The Diamond Collection’ at an exclusive invite only event at The Saxon Hotel, Jhb.

The diamond encourages the most audacious exploits and inspires the wildest dreams.  Cartier adds a sparkling spirit that lights up our lives.  Cartier, the excellence of the gemstones is answered by the perfection of craftsmanship sustained by the exacting standards of the eye and hand. The perfect finish of a jewellery piece therefore becomes the Cartier signature.  A Cartier jewel forms a luxurious, natural link between the diamond and the skin.  Each Cartier diamond creation carries a story, expressed in an instant, to reveal and intensify the most precious of memories with an added glow of light.

For over 160 years, the Cartier diamond has been an expression of pure refinement, attachment, emotion or exaltation… opening endless possibilities.

“Cartier, the subtle magician, who dangles slivers of the moon on a thread of sun.”

Jean Cocteau

Sources: Cartier Diamonds – All About Cartier Diamonds

Video Credit: Youtube   Image Credit: Cartier Diamonds

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