DV Artisan Chocolate

Dating back nearly  4000 years chocolate and Cacao have had a rich history so much so that in 1753 botanist Carl Linnaues named the cacao tree Theobroma Cacao, meaning “Food of the Gods”

DV Artisan Chocolate

DV Artisan Chocolate is one of the few ‘Bean to Bar’ chocolate makers in the world crafted by the De Villiers Family in the Cape Winelands, the factory is situated on the Spice Route Farm in a historic Cape Dutch building. DV Artisan Chocolate returns to the ancient chocolate techniques, promoting the original taste of chocolate, by means of small batch manufacturing which allows attention to detail in the roasting, sorting grinding, tempering and moulding.



The De Villiers  sourced cacao beans from 25 different origins around the world, thoroughly testing each one in order to determine which beans would be selected for their flagship range of 6 origin bars. Quality of the bars as well as the diversity of flavour profiles were taken into account in making the decision to ensure the widest possible range of tast experiences.

The product range:

Drinking Chocolate

Gift Collections

DV Single Origin Bars

1 st Batch Single Orin Bars


Cafe’ Collection- Flavours include espresso (Ugandan coffee with cacao), rooibos, caffe’ latte, dark milk and dark nib( smooth textured chocolate punctuated with cacao nibs)



DV Artisan Chocolate offers a variety of Tastings, Pairings & workshops daily




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