Vespa Seats by Bel & Bel Barcelona



Bel & Bel is a seventeenth century country estate that has been refurbished into a Studio/workshop located in Viladecans (Barcelona), opened in 2006 by  Multidisciplinary Artists and co -founders Carles Bel & Jesus Bel.

These young creative contemporary artists appreciate the  art surrounding them in all forms, not only do they live it they adapt it by turning old parts into functional objects.

The Team of artists at Bel & Bel also includes David López Díaz (specialising in  iron, steel welding and assembly) and Sergi Martínez Andreu (specialising in mechanics and carpentry) together they have found a use for old Vespas that no longer work and have crafted interesting-looking chairs using the front shells of the decommissioned scooters, by means of fitting the Vespa shells with comfortable and organic leather upholstery.  ” simply recycling old Parts”


Bel & Bel offers the chair in four different models: starting with the BV-08 the most basic version of the chairs which are all pre designed. Then there is the Limited edition BV-10 and the BV-12 models available in a wide range of customisable options and come with a Bel & Bel certificate of authenticity.

Lastly there is the fully customizable BV, information on this model is limited due to the chair being custom-made to each individuals  specifications.


Via: Bel & Bel 

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