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If your up for a night of fun and surprises with a hint of vintage charm Outrage of Modesty is the place for you. This hidden gem is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 6pm till late and sadly is a strictly reservations only affair. Over the festive season, the Cape Town City Bowl scored its first strictly cocktails only bar in the form of Outrage of Modesty. The new bar on Shortmarket Street is owned by Alliance Brands, the people behind the successful House of Machines, and is headed up by Australian bartender Luke Whearty. Who aside from owning a successful cocktail bar in Singapore, also brings over 15 years of mixing experience and passion to OoM.

The intimate 22-seater venue, featuring leather covered oak wood chairs and tables, took some two months and truckloads of junk to transform. The interior design is inspired by a subtle, minimalist Japanese influence, with the essential elements of a typical cocktail bar on display, while at the same time being highly utilitarian and functional. It is still retain welcoming and has a sense of home, marrying the look with a mid-century/Scandi feel, through the use of wood and leather. It is after all a speakeasy, so they also needed a few elements of surprise.

You’ll find it at 88 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town. Contact 021 422 2909 for bookings.

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