Defining Gravity


Defying gravity, impossible I think not!  Whether it’s magnetic levitating skateboards or floating audio speakers, it seems we’re obsessed with the idea of defying gravity whenever given the opportunity.  Though it seems the best use of magnetic flotation at this point isn’t functional, but simply decorative.

The Hoshinchu Air Bonsai is nothing short of pure magic, a floating miniature forest that spins suspended over a magnetic electrified pedestal, a feat accomplished for no reason except it’s very, very cool.

A Kickstarter project which has already reached well beyond its goal, the floating bonsai tree concept is advertised as a two-piece system, an “energy base” and the plant potted “little star”. The flotation system can hold up to .66 lbs of weight at a little more than 3/4 of inch in height above the base.

Because of import laws the Hoshinchu cannot ship their sets with Japanese bonsai. Thus, they’re working with regional bonsai and plant makers in the U.S. to coordinate delivery of “matsu, a pine tree from your country”. Otherwise, this is a $200 BYOB (“bring your own bonsai”) set, delivering only the components to piece together your own plant setup. Still, it’s sure to be an enticing opportunity.

More Info: Kickstarter                  Sources: Design Milk                 Image Credit: Design Milk

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